“Voice” Slashes Two More, Fails to Shed Light on Last Night's Jaw-Dropping Elimination

No satisfying word on why Aguilera let Campbell go

One of the most burning "Voice" questions to come out of last night's surprise eliminations, will go unanswered.

Despite Carson Daly's best efforts to find out why Christina Aguilera would send Jesse Campbell—one of the show's most pitch-perfect singers—back into semi-obscurity, the mystery continues.

"I do have a strategy," Aguilera said before trailing off into a series of proclamations about being true to herself. "I wish him all the best but I don't want to distract from the fact that I have a very talented team," she concluded. Too little too late.

The "Voice" voters of America, who thankfully made less curious choices than Aguilera did, saved Chris Mann from Team Christina and Jermaine Paul from Team Blake. That left four contestants fighting to stay in the competition. From team Christina: Rocker Lindsey Pavao and blossoming vocalist Ashley de La Rosa. From team Blake: His country darling RaeLynn and powerhouse Erin Willett.

Up first, De la Rosa roared through "You and I" by Lady Gaga, earning praise from Adam Levine, who admitted that he didn't believe in her previously, but does now. Though it wasn't his favorite performance by the 17-year-old, he said, if it were up to him, he'd still vote to keep her around.

Pavao sang a heartfelt "Please Don't Go,"by Mike Posner.

As the cameras turned to Aguilera, her eyes were filling with tears. "I have to go with what's in my heart," she said, after showering each woman with seemingly sincere compliments."And I'm going with Lindsey."

Shelton's pair were up next. Erin Willet showcased her powerful vocals with an energized performance of Tina Turner's "Rolling on the River," while RaeLynn injected a super-sized dose of country twang into a song that probably didn't benefit from so much tampering—The Band Perry's "If I Die Young."

"Gosh, dang, man," Shelton said, vacillating until the credits started rolling and Daly urged him to "give me a name. Just give me a name, Blake."

"I'm going with Erin," he said, letting go of his country prodigy—his last hope for a "Voice"-made country superstar.

The much trimmer competition continues next Monday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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