Tons of Michael Phelps' Corn Flakes Sent to Food Bank

They're grrrreat!

A month after Kelloggs dropped Olympic champion Michael Phelps' endorsement contract, a California food bank has gotten a sudden windfall: two tons of Frosted Flakes and Corn Flakes with the gold medal winner on the box.

The boxes, featuring Phelps flashing his pearly whites, flew off the shelves at the San Francisco Food Bank and employees even kept a few as souvenirs, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

"We do regularly see products with packages that are no longer desirable," a spokeswoman at the food bank told the paper. "Though Kellogg's and their star spokesman hit a patch of rough water, San Francisco's hungry just got thrown a life preserver."

The paper said Kellogg's declined to say whether they were lightening their load of Phelps' products by dumping boxes on food banks but the 3,800 pounds of flakes that landed there two weeks ago made some at the food bank suspicious.

"It's (cereal) a tough item to get," Paul Ash, executive director at the food bank, told the paper. "In the last six or eight years, it's become very hard to get ahold of." 

Phelps was dropped from Kellogg's after a photograph surfaced showing him with a bong at a party in South Carolina . The cereal giant chose not to renew his endorsement deal in February.

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