Terror Watch List Swells to 1 Million

The number of entries on the government's terrorist watch list has ballooned to 1 million -- a 32 percent increase over two years.

The entries represent roughly 400,000 individuals since there are often multiple identities, variations in name spellings or other information for each person, USA Today reported

The 1-million mark represents a 32 percent increase in the number of entries since 2007 despite the FBI's purging of 33,000 entries last year to remove outdated information and individuals cleared in investigations, the paper reported.

About 95 percent of those on the watch list are foreigners and can be stopped from flying and crossing borders.

In the past two years, 51,000 people filed claims that they were wrongly included on the list. Most were simply misidentified at airports, USA Today reported.

Of the 830 claims by people confirmed to be on the watch list, 150 have been removed from the list in 2005.

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