Obama’s Tan Suit Lights Up Social Media

His press conference was all about Russia, Ukraine and the threat of ISIS, but the reaction on Twitter was largely about his suit.


President Barack Obama sported a tan suit Thursday at a press conference devoted to foreign policy challenges, and scores of self-appointed fashion police and Twitter analysts took note.

The comparatively summery shade marked an unusual style choice for the president, usually clad in sober navy and shades of gray, and instantly sparked a flood of comments on Twitter, as well as its own Twitter account, @Tan_Suit.

Obama may have had his reasons. Labor Day is fast approaching, as one Twitter user noted, and along with it some old-fashioned rules of fashion.

Some people were quick to point out that the tan suit was not exactly unprecedented among presidents. 

Obama had busted out the dapper look back in the spring, too.

And one user noted that the kind of scrutiny Obama's attire was being subjected to was just a daily reality for many women in the public eye.

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