“Scarface 3.0” in the Works

Don't call it a sequel and don't call it a remake.

Universal (Hi, co-workers!) has been meeting with writers looking for a fresh take one of the great film gangsters of all time, "Scarface," reported Deadline. If you listen closely you can hear the howls of dismay pealing across cryberspace.

Prodiced by Howard Hughes, directed by Howard Hawkes, the first "Scarface" dropped in 1932. It starred Paul Muni as a Chigaoland mafioso who gets a wee bit out of control. The film was retooled in 1983 by director Brian De Palma, with Al Pacino at his scenery-chewingest as Tony Montana, a Cuban refugee who corners the Maimi cocaine market. The '83 version, of course, stands as one of the most iconic, thanks to its endlessly quotable script (courtesy of Oliver Stone) and, of course, to every rapper everywhere ever.

Like the upcoming "The Thing," Uni is being very coy about using the terms "remake" or "reboot" or even "sequel." It just....is. Start your dream/nightmare casting now.

The '83 "Scarface" was just released on Blu-ray earlier this month, and included a copy of the '32 film.

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