Sandra Bland Attorney Says Investigators Failed to Ask Key Questions

The attorney for the family of Sandra Bland is asking why key witnesses in the case were asked nothing about events inside the Waller County Texas Jail, shortly after the Chicago woman allegedly hanged herself last July.

Attorney Cannon Lambert says audio tapes of interviews conducted with two cellmates, show that a sheriff’s investigator asked only about Bland’s possible marijuana use, never about the events just prior to her death.

“They didn’t ask about what her interactions with guards were,” he noted. “They didn’t ask about what her emotional state was. Was she crying? They didn’t ask any of those things.”

The tapes, provided as part of an ongoing lawsuit, show that Sheriff’s Lt. Heather Sanders spoke with the two female inmates, in total, for less than 10 minutes. And she confined her inquiry to questions about possible marijuana use inside the jail.

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