Rob Riggle: Keeping It Bombastic in the Movie Roles

If your movie character is loud, rude and crude, you might want to put in a call to Rob Riggle. The former "Daily Show" correspondent is keeping his cinema bombastic streak going with another role in the Tom Hanks directed "Larry Crowne."

Riggle plays Tom Hanks' cold-hearted boss who fires him, sending Hanks' character on an unexpected spiral and then life journey.

Riggle tells PopcornBiz that he had no problem firing the iconic Hanks onscreen. "I actually found it quite easy," he says with a maniacal laugh, speaking from the Comedy Central post-Emmy party.

We have seen variations of the theme on Riggle's expanding resume: the sadistic cop in "The Hangover," the wicked assassin/best friend in "Killers," the obnoxious cop in "The Other Guys."

And in the upcoming "Going the Distance" he barks at his buddy (played by Justin Long) for being too romantic.

"I give him a hard time for being too good a boyfriend," says Riggle. "Because he's making us all look bad."

So what gives with the repeat role? Riggle admits he has the proud and stupid market cornered in the movie business.

"My comedy sensibility and what people enjoy watching is my 'arrogant ignorance,' " says Riggle. "That's how I classify it."

He's not getting tired of it either.

"I can do a lot more. But that's what seems to resonate," he adds. "And I enjoy playing that character all day, every day."

His next gig is a pilot for CBS called "Coach Spitz." His role is no surprise.

"I play a bombastic coach," he laughs.

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