Ray Romano, James Spader & Catherine Tate In Hunt for Steve Carell's Job

Ricky Gervais and Will Arnett are everyone's blue-sky list to replace Steve Carell, and they're both slated to be in "The Office" for Michael Scott's exit. But it's clear by now that neither will land the gig--so who will?

Ray Romano, James Spader and Catherine Tate have all been added to the mix, reported TVLine. The three will reportedly appear as applicants on the hour-long season finale set to air May 19.

Who the F is Catherine Tate, you ask? Tate is a British TV star, having played a host of characters on the sketch comedy hit "The Catherine Tate Show." Here's a clip:

Romano, of course, starred on "Everybody Loves Raymond" for a decade or so, and is currently on "Men of a Certain Age." There is no way Romano is getting this job. He's already got a job, is too closely identified with another sitcom and a Venn diagram of "Raymond" fans and "Office" fans would have but a sliver of overlap.

Then there's Spader, a seasoned TV veteran who's played a similarly buffoonish suit on "The Practice" and "Boston Legal." He'd be our pick, but mostly because we don't know Tate's work and fear anything new and different.

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