Bachelorette Party Ogles Cops It Mistakes for Strippers

Bachelorette party thought police arrived to entertain

Australian police responding to a call got more than they bargained for when an eager bachelorette party mistook them for strippers.

"They nearly had their shirts torn off, but they managed to escape with their dignity intact," watch commander Louise Jorgenson told Australia's ABC News.

"We thought they were going to be strippers, actually," bride-to-be Wendy Haddon told ABC News, after her party's run-in with police who were responding to a disturbance complaint at Humpty Doo Tavern in Darwin.

"But, no, they weren’t. Bugger," Haddon added.

"They were most excited about the police presence,” Jorgenson said of the party-goers.

The police played along in the end, posing for some pictures with the group of women. Police will not take action over the incident, ABC News reported.

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