Jersey Shore's Italian Job

All the familiar characters are back for another season of drinking, tanning, and exploring Florence.

“Jersey Shore”—the fourth season—returned with a vengeance Thursday night. The crew flew across the Atlantic to Florence, Italy for the season, where each cast member had his or her own hopes and dreams about life in a new country.

Pauly D, for instance, was planning for an “international panty raid.” Deena was keen to bring real Italian men home. As for Vinny—his pursuits seem to be the loftiest. “There are a lot of things I want to accomplish in Italy,” he said. Among them, he wants to learn Italian and find a nice traditional Italian girl.

Meanwhile, Snooki’s found herself a new boyfriend, who she’s been seeing for the past six months. How does she feel about going abroad? “I have no idea where Italy is on a map,” the pint-sized Nicole Polizzi began, “but I do know what shape it is, and it's like a boot!”

Scandal emerges when we find out she and the Situation have been “smushing,” at least according to the Situation. Oh, and he might love her.

There are plenty of travel antics—we see Snooki pushing a comically large trolley of suitcases through the airport, barely tall enough to see over, and the perils of travelling with cans of bronzer in your suitcase.

Once the gang arrives at their Florence apartment, The Situation--now dubbed as The 'Situatione'-- wastes no time in scoping out the hot tub, er, situation (it’s indoors!).

The gang experiences their fair share of culture shock, from voltage issues to burned hair to new bathroom set-ups. Ronnie wasn’t quite sure what a bidet was, but Vinny said it might be good for a lonely night.

This season promises to have plenty of tension—though whether it’s contrived or not is a whole different story altogether—with the will they/won’t they saga of Sammi and Ronnie.

Previews for next week read more like hieroglyphics—it is nearly impossible to discern what will actually happen over the din of beeps and blips as various cast members yell obscenities into the phone, across hallways, at each other, though all signs point to next week's episode revealing the details of Snooki's notorious car crash

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