London Parliament Attack: ‘Heroic' British MP Attempted to Save Cop

Photos of Tobias Ellwood show him in a blue suit giving the unidentified police officer mouth-to-mouth and attempting to staunch the blood flowing from the stab wounds

A British foreign minister bloodied his hands attempting to save the life of a police officer who was stabbed on the grounds of Britain's Parliament in what was described Wednesday as a "terrorist incident."

After an individual drove a 4x4 through a crowd outside the Palace of Westminster, shots were fired and a police officer was stabbed. Tobias Ellwood, a conservative member of Parliament and former soldier who was close to the incident, rushed to the officer's side.

The officer later died of his wounds.

Ellwood served in Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Kuwait, Germany, Gibraltar and Bosnia while in the military. He's currently an active Army reservist.

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