LeBron's Flirtation With The NFL Getting A Little Bit Annoying

Seahwaks coach seems intrigued

Oh, that LeBron James. First, he playfully nudges ESPN's John Clayton about finding him an NFL gig, and now he's got Seahawks coach Pete Carroll "jokingly" courting him. From the Sporting News:

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll on Tuesday tweeted James: “are you aware of what the league’s rookie minimum is?”

And like that a recruiting pitch was on.

The locked-out James responded Wednesday: “Yeah, more than what I’m making now Coach.”

Carroll them moved on to discuss where James would play on the field, tweeting that he thought of LeBron “as a touchdown maker but is it true that you think of yourself as a pass rusher?”

“TD maker for sure” was LeBron’s response.

Carroll then sent LeBron a twitpic mockup of a his name on a Seahawks jersey. BARF. Perhaps no athlete in the world right now lives to be adored quite like LeBron. In fact, turning his attention to the NFL allows LeBron to think of himself as a desired commodity once more, unlike in the basketball world, where he's a choker and a quitter.

So while LeBron is "joking" about all this NFL business, I promise you he relishes the positive attention, certainly more than he relishes working on his post game. In fact, I can virtually guarantee that LeBron will handle this situation in the exact same manner that Donald Trump handled his phony Presidential run. LeBron will continue openly flirting with NFL teams. Then, as the lockout drags on, he'll become more "serious" about the enterprise, so that more and more fans can tweet him and be like, "O PLEEZ LEBRAWN SAVE THE DOLFINS!" Then he can be like "LOL MAYBE" and you'll want to kick him in the face.

He could even get so far as to stage a public tryout with any number of teams. LeBron is a Cowboys fan (from Ohio, which makes him horrible), so I'm sure he'll get on the horn with Jerry Jones and do a little more flirting. Then maybe other receiver-starved teams like the Dolphins, Rams, Seahawks, Raiders, and Jaguars will place a call. Then ESPN will start devoting 35 minutes a night on SportsCenter to the "Will he or won't he?" issue. Then the lockout will end and LeBron will go back to basketball. I'm not predicting that will happen. I'm saying it WILL happen. And it will be very annoying. I wish I could issue an injunction against it. Stay away from my NFL, LeBron. It doesn't need you.

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