Kutcher Also Replaces Sheen as Highest Paid TV Actor

Despite all the changes, "Two and a Half Men" remains consistent in one regard: It is the most lucrative gig on TV, apparently.

For years, Charlie Sheen stood head and shoulders above everyone else on the TV landscape with his $1.2 million per episode paycheck on "Men." Although his newly-appointed replacement, Ashton Kutcher, isn't pulling in that kind of money, he still makes enough to be firmly established as the new #1.

According to TV Guide, Kutcher will make $700,000 per episode - which is still a massive amount, considering that a typical lead in a primetime show would earn in the ballpark of $125,000 - $225,000.

Not to mention that the Ashton Kutcher-version of "Men" has yet to even air.

Even with Kutcher's rather large salary, his deal does represent a scaling back for the show. This follows other series that have had to replace actors at lower salaries as costs escalate. CBS, for example, is believed to be saving around $100,000 per episode with Ted Danson in the lead instead of the more pricey Laurence Fishburne.

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