Donald Trump

How Does a Supreme Court Nominee Get Confirmed?

On average, it takes 67 days for a nominee to be confirmed

With President Donald Trump selecting Judge Neil Gorsuch as his nominee on the long-vacant Supreme Court seat, it's time for a refresher on the confirmation process.

Televised Senate Judiciary Committee hearings with the nominee get the process started, and then the committee votes, NBC News reported. If the nominee passes, he or she then is considered by the full Senate, where a simple majority is required for confirmation. Since 1975, the average wait for the confirmation vote has been about 67 days from the nomination.

But Supreme Court nominees can be filibustered, and at least one Democrat, Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon, has said he will try to block Trump's pick. Filibusters can be blocked, though, with something dramatically referred to as the "nuclear option."

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