Identities of Paris Attack Victims Begin to Emerge

As the world struggles to come to grips with Friday night's bloodshed in Paris, the identities have begun to emerge of the 129 people killed during a wave of coordinated attacks that also wounded 352.

French President Francois Hollande said Monday the victims are of 19 nationalities and represent "youth in all its diversity."

The Associated Press has named 23-year-old Ariana Theiller and sisters Halima Saadi and Houda Saadi as victims, but has not said where they lived.


California State University, Long Beach student Nohemi Gonzalez, 23, was the first victim to be publicly identified. Gonzalez was studying abroad at Paris' Strate College of Design and was at a restaurant with other students when she was killed, according to the president of Cal State Long Beach.

The Mexican government has said a woman who held dual U.S.-Mexico citizenship was killed in the Paris attacks but has not released her name, according to The Associated Press.


Turkish-born Belgian national Elif Dogan, 28, made monthly business trips to Paris and was staying at an apartment near the Bataclan concert hall where 89 were killed Friday night. Dogan did not attend the concert, her father said, and it's not clear where she died, The Associated Press reports. She had been heavily involved in charity, giving food to the poor and teaching French in Nigeria.


Ciprian Calciu, 31, and his wife, Lacrimioara Pop, 29, were killed at La Belle Equipe restaurant, the Romanian Embassy in Paris told NBC News. The Associated Press reports Calciu was an elevator repairman, while Pop was the mother of an 11-year-old and worked in a bar. They were part of a wave of Romanian immigrants and died celebrating a friend's birthday. The couple leaves behind an 18-month-old son, according to The Associated Press.


Aurelie de Peretti, 33, was at the concert hall where a California-based rock band was performing, according to The Associated Press. She was born in Saint Tropez and spent summers working at a beach resort.

Design student Elodie Breuil died alongside her at the Bataclan music venue, The Associated Press reports. Breuil, 23, had marched through the streets of Paris with her mother after the attack earlier this year on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. She was attending the Eagles of Death Metal concert with a group of friends when she was killed.

Asta Diakite was killed Friday night in the Paris attacks, the Associated Press reports. Diakite was the cousin of French midfielder Lassana Diarra, who played against Germany in Friday's soccer match at Stade de France, during which three suicide bombers blew themselves up outside the stadium.

Diarra, who is Muslim, posted a moving message on his official Twitter page after learning that his cousin was fatally shot in the series of attacks around the French capital, writing, "She was like a big sister to me."

"It is important for all of us who represent our country and its diversity to stay united against a horror which has no color, no religion. Stand together for love, respect and peace."

Thomas Ayad, 32, was killed at the Bataclan. Ayad was working as a producer manager for Mercury Music Group, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group based in France, whose chairman called Ayad's death "an unspeakably appalling tragedy" in a note to employees obtained by the Los Angeles Times.

Also killed at the concert hall was Fabrice Dubois, according to his employer Publicis Conseil. In a statement on Facebook, the advertising agency said "the entire agency is upset" adding that Dubois "was a very great man in every sense of the word. Our thoughts are with his family, his wife, his children, his friends, those with whom he worked."

Cédric Mauduit, director of modernization of the French department of Calvados in the Lower Normandy region, died at the concert hall, the agency announced in a statement. Mauduit "found it a joy to share this concert with his five friends," the department's president Jean-Leonce Dupont wrote, saying the sadness of those who knew him was "immense."

According to NBC News, Mauduit leaves behind two children, ages 3 and 7.

Music writer Guillaume Decherf, 43, who worked for French magazine "Les Inrocks," was killed while attending the Eagles of Death Metal concert at the Bataclan. He had two young daughters, according to The Associated Press.

France24 news channel cameraman Mathieu Hoche, 38, was also killed at the concert, according to The Associated Press, along with 26-year-old French lawyer Valentin Ribet, who graduated from the London School of Economics and worked at the Paris office of an international law firm. Valentin, a talented lawyer and beloved colleague, worked on the firm's litigation team, specializing in white-collar crime.

Djamila Houd, 41, of Paris, died when gunmen opened fire on a cafe on Paris' rue de Charrone, The Associated Press reports. According to friends' social media posts, Houd worked at French fashion retailer Isabel Marant.

Quentin Boulenger, 29 was at the Bataclan theater when the shootings took place. He is originally from Rheims, France but has lived in Paris for years, a family member confirmed with NBC News. 

Marie Mosser, music marketing manager for Universal Music, was one of two employees reportedly killed, NBC News said. 

Fanny Minot, 29, worked as an editor at the French TV newsmagazine show "Le Supplement" and was killed at the Bataclan. Artistic and free-spirited, she enjoyed making independent movies — and above all, enjoyed new experiences, her friend Stephen Fox told The Associated Press.

Mohamed Amine Ibnolmobarak, 29, was an architect of Moroccan descent who studied and worked in Paris. He was killed at Le Carillon restaurant in Paris while dining there with his new wife, according to a Facebook posting by his cousin Akram Benmbarek of San Diego. The wife, Maya Nemeta, was shot three times and was in critical condition at the hospital, the cousin wrote.

Kheireddine Sahbi, 29, was an Algerian violinist who had come to Paris to perfect his art at the Paris-Sorbonne university. According to an announcement by the school, Sahbi was enrolled in the Masters of Ethnomusicology program and was involved in the university's traditional music ensemble. The school says Sahbi died while returning home in the 10th arrondissement, where terrorists attacked a restaurant.

Pierre-Yves Guyomard, 32, taught film scoring at a technical institute, and his wife Anne Guyomard, 29, had studied music before going to work at a child-care center, The Associated Press reports, citing French newspaper Le Parisien. Both were among the crowd at the Bataclan and died at the music hall.

Sebastien Proisy, 38, had launched a promising career in international business consulting that would never be fully realized. He died at a restaurant along Bichat street in Paris during the terrorist attacks when he was shot in the back, according to the Liberation newspaper website. 

He was at a business dinner and accompanied someone at the table who wanted to take a smoke outside, according to his great uncle Daniel Senecaut, who was quoted by the La Voix du Nord news website.

Helene Muyal, 35, of Paris, was a makeup artist and mother who died at the Bataclan concert.

Her husband, Antoine Leiris, posted a memorial on Facebook, telling the terrorists: "I won't give you the gift of my hatred. It's what you sought, but answering hate with anger would be to surrender to the same ignorance that has made you what you are."

He said the life of his 17-month-old child with his late wife, carried out in happiness and freedom, would forever be a challenge to the terrorists. "And you won't have his hatred either," Leiris concluded.

Lola Salines, 28, of Paris, a young editor at Editions First-Gründ, died at the Bataclan concert hall, according to The Associated Press. Her father and brother took to social media after the attacks to launch a desperate search for Salines, who did not respond to their calls. The family later posted on Twitter and Facebook that authorities had confirmed Salines was one of the victims.

Francois-Xavier Prevost, 29, was head of advertising at the French advertising agency LocalMedia and also worked recently for another communications company, Havas Media Group, according to The Associated Press. He died at the attack on the Bataclan theater, according to Yannick Bolloré, the Havas Group CEO who mourned the young worker and several others via Twitter.

Prevost had also spent some time in the United States. The University of North Texas said Prévost had been an exchange student at UNT in the fall of 2007. And the Pittsburgh Riverhounds, a pro soccer team in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, said Prevost interned with the team in the summer of 2009.

Marie Mosser's love of music brought her to the Bataclan concert hall, where she died. The 24-year-old from the French city of Nancy worked for the label Universal Music, according to the "20 minutes" news website. Mosser's Twitter profile said she worked in communication and digital marketing.

Bertrand Navarret, 37, lived in the southern French community of Capbreton near the Spanish border and was just spending a few days in Paris with friends. Navarret was killed while attending the Eagles of Death Metal concert at the Bataclan hall, according to The Associated Press. Starting on a family career path in law, Navarret had given it up for a new life in Canada, where he learned to work with wood. He eventually returned to France with new skills and remade himself as a carpenter and avid snowboarder, according to the Liberation news website.

Germain Ferey, 36, of Paris, was a photographer and film artist who loved rock music, his sister, Domitille Ferey, told The Associated Press. He was at the Bataclan concert hall Friday when gunfire rang out.

His sister said he shouted for his partner to run — but when she turned and looked behind her, Ferey was not there. "We think he told her to run because he wanted her to protect herself for the sake of the little one," his sister told The Associated Press, referring to the couple's 17-month-old daughter who was with her grandparents. The partner was unhurt.

Gregory Fosse, 28, of Gambais, died at the Bataclan concert hall. He worked for the D17 television station, The Associated Press reports. The company put out a statement saying, "We all knew his kindness, his special smile, and his passion for music," according to the Liberation newspaper.

Pierro Innocenti, 40, of Paris, was a manager at his family's Italian restaurant on the outskirts of the city, The Associated Press reports. His last post on his Facebook page was a photo of the Bataclan's sign advertising the Eagles of Death Metal show, with a caption Innocenti added: "Rock!"

Innocenti helped run Livio, a five-decade-old eatery known for attracting a star-studded clientele to its spot in a Paris suburb. A surfer and skydiver, Innocenti looked at life as a constant challenge to do more, a friend told Vanity Fair Italia. "He always had a thousand new projects to carry out, experiences to have. Watching him in action made you want to hug him and tell him, 'Thanks for all your energy."

Justine Moulin, 23, of Paris, had a passion for travel. She studied at the SKEMA Business School in Paris and planned to attend its satellite campus in Raleigh, North Carolina, The Associated Press reports, citing The News & Observer newspaper in Raleigh. Moulin was killed while having dinner at Le Petit Cambodge, her favorite restaurant, according to news reports.

Thomas Duperron, 30, of Alencon, died at the Bataclan concert hall. He worked as communications director for the Maroquinerie theater in Paris, according to its website and the newsmagazine "Les InRocks."

In Facebook postings, his brother Nicolas called Duperron's death a "horrible tragedy" and his parents thanked all the friends who tried to find him after the attacks, saying they were "so much there for him."

Matthieu Giroud, 38, of Jarrie, was killed at the Bataclan, according to The Associated Press. He taught geography at Paris-Est-Marne-la-Vallee university, where he specialized in urban development. A university news release said the institution was both "crushed and outraged." Giroud leaves behind a pregnant wife and 3-year-old son, according to the Liberation newspaper.


Germany's Foreign Ministry said two German citizens were killed in the attacks, but did not release their names, according to The Associated Press, which cites a German journalist as saying one of the victims was killed outside a cafe.


Sweden's prime minister confirmed to The Associated Press that a Swedish citizen was killed in Paris, but did not release the person's name.


Chile's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed the deaths of three Chilean nationals, including Luis Felipe Zschoche Valle, 33, who lived in Paris with his wife and was a member of the rock group Captain Americano, NBC Latino reported. He died at the Bataclan while attending the Eagles of Death Metal concert with his wife, who survived, according to The Associated Press.

Also killed at the Bataclan were Patricia del Carmen San Martin Núñez, 61; and her daughter, Elsa Veronique Delplace, 35.

According to the ministry, the latter are niece and grandniece of Ricardo Nunez, the Chilean ambassador to Mexico, who told Radio Cooperative the pair "were taken hostage, and so far we know they were killed in a cold and brutal manner."

They died at the Bataclan, where they attended the Eagles of Death Metal concert with Delplace's 5-year-old son, who survived, according to The Associated Press.


Italian officials said a 28-year-old woman from Venice was killed at the Bataclan music venue. According to Reuters, Valeria Solesin was a Ph.D. student from Italy studying demographics at the Sorbonne University. She was shot and killed while trying to enter the concert hall with her Italian boyfriend and other friends.

The others lost sight of Solesin as they escaped. Her friends spent a day searching for her, visiting hospitals in hopes of finding her among the injured, The Associated Press reported.

Her mother, Luciana Milani described her daughter as a "wonderful person" who had been living in Paris for six years and studied at the Sorbonne.

Italian officials told The Associated Press another Italian woman had been wounded and was recovering after surgery.


Also among the victims is Nick Alexander, 36, of Colchester, England, who was working at the Bataclan concert hall selling merchandise for the Eagles of Death Metal, according to family members.

"Nick was not just our brother, son and uncle, he was everyone's best friend — generous, funny and fiercely loyal," his family said in a statement released to NBC News. "Nick died doing the job he loved and we take great comfort in knowing how much he was cherished by his friends around the world."


Mexican national Michelli Gil Jaimez, 27, was killed when gunmen opened fire at the Le Belle Equiperestaurant in the French capital, according to a Mexican official and Jaimez’s family, Telemundo47 reported. According to The Associated Press, Jaimez is also a citizen of Spain and had studied business in Lyons, France.

She studied at Presbyterian Pan American School in Kingsville, Texas, from 2001 to 2004, school officials said in a statement to NBC News.

"She was a very good student and involved in numerous extra-curricular activities. We were very sad to hear the news of her death," said Rev. Dr. Doug Daglish of the Presbyterian Pan American School.

The governor of the Mexican state of Veracruz, Javier Duarte, expressed his "heartfelt condolences" to the family over the loss of their daughter on Twitter. 

"My heartfelt condolences to the family of Michelli Gil Jaimez from the Tuxpan municipality, who died in the atrocious attacks yesterday in Paris," Duarte tweeted Sunday.

According to Telemundo47, Jaimez was living in Paris and had announced her engagement on her Facebook page last month.


Madrid native Alberto Gonzalez Garrido, 29, was killed at the Bataclan, where he was attending the concert with his wife, according to The Associated Press. He was living in France and worked as an engineer.

NBC's Ari Mason, Danielle Abreu and Gabriella Iannetta contributed to this report.

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