Chaz Bono Considering Further Sex Reassignment Surgery

The transgender "Dancing with the Stars" veteran opened up about his plans to Howard Stern

Chaz Bono has already made a startling gender transformation, but apparently he isn't quite finished yet.

While appearing on Howard Stern's XM Sirius radio show, the "Dancing with the Stars" alum revealed that he was considering traveling to Serbia to undergo additional surgery to help his body match his gender.

"There's a doctor in Belgrade that just does this procedure the best of anywhere I've seen it," says Bono. He goes on to explain in explicit detail the process he'd undergo; its end result would give him a closer approximation of functioning male genitalia.

Stern, however, attempted to dissuade Bono from having the surgery, fearing a possible result could be the loss of all sensation.

Bono went on to discuss how difficult his coming out as transgender and his transition were on his mother, Cher, and how he would love to produce and star in a "View"-like TV talk show with "Dancing" co-stars David Arquette, J.R. Martinez and Carson Kressley.

Just last week, Stern's show made headlines when director Brett Ratner gave an extremely explicit interview that played a role in his ouster as producer of the Academy Awards.

For his part, Bono's new openness to discussing the particulars of his medical decisions is a turnabout for the celebrity scion turned trans activist.

"I've decided to keep my privates private," he wrote in his book released back in May.

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