Charlize Theron and Jimmy Fallon Get Groovy on “The Tonight Show”

Charlize Theron is known for her flawlessly elegant red-carpet flair. But she may need to fire her new stylist after this fashion faux pas.

The actress stopped by the “Tonight Show” Monday to talk about her latest movie “Mad Max: Fury Road,” when Jimmy Fallon suggested they “slip into something more comfortable,” before continuing with the interview. The kicker: Fallon and Theron would each choose what the other person should wear.

“I was a little surprised when I found this in my dressing room,” Fallon said of his pink pantsuit, fur vest, auburn bowl-cut wig, and pink-rimmed sunglasses.

"I thought it would make your shoulders smaller," Theron giggled.

“Am I a man or a woman?” Fallon asked.

“You’re a woman,” the “Monster” star told the host. “Your name is Rosetta McLintock.”

Theron was dressed equally eccentric in a metallic rainbow top, gold lamé balloon pants, a Kentucky Derby-styled fascinator hat and a wild curly wig that was so overwhelming it prompted the Oscar winner to drop an f-bomb. How does Diana Ross do it?

The pair attempted to come up with personality traits for the characters they created for one another. Fallon concluded that Theron would be dubbed “Bonanza,” and she “played bass with Prince for a while.”

“Would you mind playing a little riff for us tonight?” Fallon asked before making the South African actress pick up a guitar.

McClintock, who looked like a cross between Elton John and Mike Myers in “Austin Powers,” boogied with his dice-heeled leopard booties while Bonanza slapped the bass with The Roots.

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