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College Students Say 'Drunkorexia' Is More Than a Buzzword

The phenomenon is sweeping campuses nationwide, with students altering their way of life to fit drinking habits



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    More and more colleges are banning hard liquor, yet binge-drinking is becoming more rampant than before.

    Despite attempts to curb students’ consumption of alcohol, binge-drinking is becoming the norm on college campuses, NBC News reported.

    A group of young people spoke about the trend, called “drunkorexia," for "Today" show's Campus Undercovered series. According to the students interviewed, the habit altered their way of life, even leading to extended hospitalization, for one student.

    A study from the University of Houston found that of 1,200 students surveyed, up to 80 percent altered their diet by restricting calories, overexercising, purging or using laxatives while also binge drinking.