6 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

In many cases, the smartest-sounding diet strategies can actually work against you

You passed on Friday margaritas, you’re working out with your best friend and you’re eating only health snacks. So why isn’t the scale moving?

In many cases, the smartest-sounding diet strategies can actually work against you, according to Shape magazine.

Here are the anti-flab mag's lists the top six reasons you may not be losing weight:

1. You’re loading up on whole grains
You’ve rid your pantry of snacks made with white flour, replacing them with heart-healthy whole-grain versions which may be full of fat, sugar and calories.

2. You allow yourself a “cheat day” or two
Dieters who shed a small amount of weight each weekday gained most of it back between Friday night and Monday morning, according to a recent study from the Washington University School of Medicine.

3. You make your own meals
Habits like picking at food while you cook, adding just a bit of extra butter or oil, using a heavy hand with dressings and sauces, and nibbling leftovers as you’re clearing the table can tack on hundreds of calories to an otherwise healthy meal

4. You squeeze in your workouts
No matter how tired you are in the morning or after work, you still push through your cardio session. Better to burn a few calories than none at all, right? Not necessarily.

5. You eat slowly, savoring every bite
While this works when you’re alone, lingering in a group situation seems to have the opposite effect.

6. You enlisted a friend for help
Unfortunately, her unenthusiastic attitude can take a toll on your goals.

If any of these sound familiar to you, check out Shape to find out how to switch up your strategy.

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