You Can Now Listen to All of Prince's Classic Albums on Spotify and Other Streaming Services

The rumors about Prince's music coming to streaming services are true — the late music icon's catalog arrived on Spotify Sunday, and fans around the world are partying like it's 1999.

Prince's first 15 albums, including his self-titled 1979 album, 1982's "1999" and 1984's "Purple Rain", as well as several greatest hits compilations are available in full on the streaming service. Listeners can also jam out on Google Play and Amazon Music Unlimited, with Apple Music not far behind, Pitchfork reports.

A spokesperson for iHeartRadio told NBC New York that the subscription service will also carry his music catalog. Subscribers can enjoy the curated iHeartPrince playlist on the internet radio platform, or if you haven't got an account, the iHeartPrince radio station.

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The addition is so new that Spotify's search function isn't even returning Prince as the first result. Latin artist Prince Royce pops up before the Purple One populates after a few scrolls.

Tribute performances to the musician and late pop icon George Michael will air during the Grammys Sunday night in Los Angeles.

Fans of the "Controversy" singer understand how precious of a gift we've been given. In 2014, Prince pulled his music from YouTube and yanked it from all streaming services except Tidal in 2015, forcing listeners to dig up old CDs and cassettes to ingest his dance hits the old fashioned way.

Prince's estate filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday in Minnesota against Jay-Z's company for copyright infringement. NPG records alleges that Prince gave Roc Nation permission to stream songs from only one of his albums, but other songs, including "Purple Rain" and "Little Red Corvette", began streaming six weeks after he died last April.

Now that the nostalgia is kicking in, here's some classic Prince to get you moving.

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