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Free Tickets for Women's World Cup Ticker-Tape Parade Being Resold for Up to $150 Each

The free tickets ran out in mere seconds on Monday

Tickets for Wednesday's parade celebrating the U.S. women's soccer team's World Cup championship are selling for big bucks, even though they were supposed to be free -- and non-transferable. 

The city made tickets for the City Hall ceremony available Monday at 2 p.m. and within 30 seconds they were gone. But multiple listings popped up on Craigslist Tuesday, one offering two tickets at $140 each, another with six tickets at $150 each. 

City Hall did not have an immediate comment on what it would do about resold tickets. The ticketing site explicitly says "tickets are non-transferable," though it's not clear how that would be enforced. 

The anonymous seller of the $150 tickets, in an email to NBC New York, insisted that the tickets were transferable, however, under state law. 

According to the city, this will be the 207th parade in the Canyon of Heroes, and the first ticker-tape parade since the women's soccer team was celebrated in 2015. 

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