Woman Who Claims She Was Misdiagnosed Goes Home

Tabitha Mullings sues hospital after multiple amputations

A Brooklyn mother who lost all four limbs and much of her eyesight is going home to continue her remarkable recovery.

Tabitha Mullings is suing Brooklyn Hospital Center for malpractice, claiming a misdiagnosed kidney stone led to a massive infection and those amputations.

After three months of recovery at the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine in Manhattan, Mullings enjoyed a moment she never thought was going to come. She walked out of the hospital.

"You may look at me as a handicap but I am not," she said Thursday. "I am walking out of this place (with) high spirits, the same person I have been for 32 years, and nothing is going to get in my way."

Mullings' sepsis infection and gangrene left her partially blind and forced doctors to amputate both arms and legs. Sepsis is a dangerous condition that spreads quickly while choking off the blood supply to your limbs.

Sympathetic New Yorkers have donated handicap-accessible furniture, and Mullings' fiance and grandmother will help care for her. Doctors at Rusk said after her wounds heal, she'll get her prosthetic hands to begin a new life.

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