Michelle Kim

Woman Leaves Behind Wallet Filled With $7,000 Cash on Subway Bench, Tries to Chase Thief: NYPD

A woman who left behind a wallet containing $7,000 in cash on a subway bench tried to chase after the man she found holding her wallet when she went back to get it, but ultimately lost her money, police say.

The 49-year-old woman was sitting on a bench at the Chambers Street train station Monday afternoon before she boarded a southbound train and realized she left behind her wallet, police say.

When she returned to get it, she found a man sitting on the bench with her wallet in his hands. She confronted him, and the man ran off, police said.

The woman eventually found the wallet on the street but the cash was missing.

It's not clear why she was carrying so much cash. 

Police are asking anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers at nypdcrimestoppers.com. 

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