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Runaway Horse Hit by Taxi in Midtown Manhattan

A runaway horse was hit by a taxi in the heart of midtown Monday, law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation tell NBC 4 New York.

No people were hurt and the horse's condition wasn't known after the bizarre 10 a.m. accident on Eighth Avenue near the 24-hour market Bread & Honey.

An Instagram video posted from the scene made it appear as if the dark brown horse would be OK; one man was seen patting its head and throat on the sidewalk as another restored its saddle and examined its shoes. The horse whinnied several times and twitched its nose in response.

A stable that houses horses used for carriage rides in the city is not far from the accident site. Authorities say a preliminary investigation indicates two stable staff were each riding a horse toward Central Park when one horse bumped into a taxi. The horse is awaiting examination by a veterinarian.

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