Blonds in Surgical Masks With Guns Stick Up NYC Social Club

A motley crew of robbers wearing blond wigs, surgical masks and brandishing guns made off with almost $50,000 in a Tuesday heist.

Cops are searching for four men in disguise seen in surveillance footage sticking up a Queens social club at 135-14 37th Avenue just after 9 p.m. Tuesday.

Police say they targeted the social club where members normally play Mahjong, and got in to the club by saying they were delivering food.

Surveillance footage captured the men entering the club in their disguises. One wore a baseball cap under a bike helmet, the other three wore surgical masks. 

Two of the men wore long blond wigs, and at least two had handguns tucked in their pants.

Police say the crew filled their backpack with almost $50,000 in cash, cell phones and jewelry from the members inside, and then fled in a Toyota minivan.

Cops are seeking information on the incident. 

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