Pranksters Recreate “When Harry Met Sally…” Scene in Katz's Deli

Diners at a world famous Katz's deli may have wanted to order whatever 20 women were having as the women reenacted a famous "When Harry Met Sally..." scene filmed there.

New York prank collective Improv Everywhere planted dozens of women throughout the restaurant to recreate the famous scene from the 1989 movie where Meg Ryan's character faked an orgasm in the crowded diner.

In a post on the group's website, Improv Everywhere founder Charlie Todd said pranksters waited to pull the stunt until a Sunday, when the normally packed Houston Street deli was less crowded. Still, Todd said, it took more than an hour for everyone to get the tables they wanted.

"When you're doing something in a place of business without their permission, things can get really complicated," Todd said.

Customers and restaurant staff weren't in on the joke, but they could be seen on a video posted by Improv Everywhere laughing and recording clips as all 20 women participating in the flash mob began to scream.

To end the scene, Improv Everywhere stayed true to the source material, with a woman standing up and saying "I'll have what they're having."

The prank was part of the group's "Movies in Real Life" series, where they recreate iconic movie scenes.

Watch it above, or at the link below.

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