New Jersey

Tree-Cutting Crane Tips Over in NJ Neighborhood, Traps Worker

A worker was trapped for nearly an hour after a tree-cutting crane tipped over in a neighborhood in New Jersey, authorities said. 

The worker was cutting down a tree in a backyard on St. Cloud Avenue in West Orange at about 4 p.m. Friday when the boom suddenly toppled over into a neighboring yard. Witness Danielle Dorch said that there were sparks as the crane -- which she said was unsteady to begin with -- came crashing down, taking branches and power lines with it.

She said that as the crane came down, she and others watching the operation made a run for it.

"We scattered as far as we could and pulled out our phones to call 911," she said. 

Crews were quick to arrive at the scene. Chopper 4 footage from above showed firefighters crowding around the wreckage and working to pull the trapped worker to safety. After about 40 minutes, the man was pulled out and put in an ambulance on a backboard. 

Authorities later said the man was conscious when he was rescued and only suffered a broken leg. 

It's not clear what exactly caused the crane to topple over. 

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