UPS Accidentally Makes a Group Chat, Then Recipients Meet Up at a Bar in Queens

UPS says it is not sure how the group text mistake happened

What to Know

  • A new group of friends in Brooklyn says they met when UPS accidentally combined several delivery notifications into one group chat.
  • The group, largely from Bushwick, Brooklyn, and Ridgewood, Queens, met at the popular bar Nowadays and called themselves the 'UPS Club'
  • UPS says it is not sure how the group text mistake happened

What can brown do for you?

For several people in Brooklyn -- the answer to the question posed by UPS's slogan is one of the best accidental group texts ever. 

The delivery and logistics company somehow put 20 package recipients on a group text message when sending out package notifications, according to two members of the thread. 

Comedy writer Tess Johnson said she was the first to respond to the apparently accidental text chain. 

"Is this a group text now?" she wrote.

"What is this" replied another recipient.

A third person added, "Ok hi strangers."

But rather than write off the texts as an annoying mistake - they decided to keep the group thread going. Some suggested they start a band, while others were on board for a podcast -- sponsored by UPS.

Johnson said they decided to take things a step further, turning the online mixup into an IRL meet-up. 

The group decided to meet up at Nowadays, a large outdoor bar in Ridgewood, Queens. And since they didn't actually know who they were meeting, they decided to all show up in brown, wearing UPS labels with their phone numbers on them. 

Johnson said they ended up hanging out for most of the evening -- and that she actually knew one of the other members of the group text beforehand, but didn't have his number saved. 

A UPS spokesman said in a statement the company didn't know exactly how the group text was created, but said he assumed it was sent through the company's MY choice delivery alert service. 

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