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Twin Subway Buskers in Viral Beatles Cover Video Set to Appear on ‘Ellen' Thursday

The twin brothers from Brooklyn are about to get national TV exposure

The twin subway buskers from Brooklyn who gained viral fame in recent weeks for their covers of the Beatles are about to gain national TV exposure.

Amiri and Rahiem Taylor are performing "Eight Days a Week" on Thursday's broadcast of "Ellen," airing at 3 p.m. on NBC New York. 

A video of the brothers covering a Beatles song in the subway earlier this month racked up millions of views in less than two days. New Yorkers were stunned at how similar they sounded to the real thing. 

The brothers tell host Ellen DeGeneres they started learning Beatles songs when their grandparents bought them a Beatles: Rock Band video game for Christmas one year, and their love of the band grew from there. 

"We mastered the songs on the game, and we decided to just learn how to play the instruments," they said.

They first started busking in the subway to earn enough money to cover plane tickets to see their mother in Puerto Rico. They made the money in just two days.

Of course, the brothers also performed on "Ellen" -- and the host surprised them with a gift afterward. 

The brothers' band, Blac Rabbit, is next set to perform at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on April 23, according to their website. 

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