Worker Hurt During TV Show Filming in Queens: FDNY

An electrician suffered minor smoke inhalation when the lift he was on caught fire

An electrician working on the set of a television show being filmed in Queens had minor injuries when a lift he was on caught fire, the FDNY says. 

The electrician was on a lighting lift on the set of the drama "Person of Interest" at 58th Street and Maspeth Avenue in Maspeth at about 7:45 p.m., according to FDNY. The lift suddenly caught fire, causing the lift to stall. 

The worker was stuck in the lift about 150 feet in the air for a half-hour before the FDNY was able to rescue him in a bucket lift. 

He was treated on the scene for minor smoke inhalation, and filming resumed, the FDNY says. It wasn't immediately clear how the lighting lift caught fire. 

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