Inundated With Yelp Complaints, Brooklyn Restaurant Owners Take Down Trump Photo

The owners of the restaurant say the photo has been there since the establishment opened in 2007

The owners of a German restaurant in Brooklyn have taken down an autographed photo of Donald Trump because they say it was hurting the business.

Schnitzel Haus owners Fred and Amber Urban say the photo of the Republican presidential nominee had been there since the Fifth Avenue restaurant opened in 2007, according to The Brooklyn Daily.

The Urbans were friends with Trump's head of security at the time and they say Trump dropped by to wish them good luck. He sent an autographed photo the next day.

The photo is a topic among online reviews on Yelp, with diners saying they were uncomfortable or offended.

Fred Urban says on Facebook that some people have canceled reservations over the photo, while others want to take selfies with it.

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