Man Falls from Subway Platform, Gets Up Just in Time

Just days after a subway rider was pushed to his death from a train platform at 49th Street, a man apparently fell onto the tracks at Bowling Green and was helped by another man who jumped down to rescue him.

A witness on the downtown side told NBC 4 New York that she heard a noise on the opposite track just before 10 p.m. Thursday as she waited for a train to Brooklyn.

"I heard a thud, I heard people gasping and shuffling on the platform," Margaret Besheer said.

She says she saw a man sitting on the tracks and people up above shouting "Get up, get up. Help him! Help him!"

Besheer said she checked to see if a train was coming, and when she looked back at the track, another man was there. It seems he jumped down to help just as an oncoming train was approaching.

"People were panicking," Besheer said.

The train was able to stop in time and both men got up off the tracks as people in the station applauded.

The MTA said the first man was taken to a hospital and the second was not hurt, officials said.

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