Artists to Honor Tribeca Winners with Original Works

Two artistic mediums marry at the Tribeca awards ceremony

Two artistic mediums will come together at the Tribeca Film Festival, as 10 leading New York-based artists will donate an original work to winning filmmakers at the festival.

The Tribeca Film Festival kicks off April 22 and runs though May 3, offering moviegoers a chance to screen and vote on a wide variety of independent films including documentaries, narrative features and shorts.

Established to help honor the arts and rebuild lower Manhattan after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Tribeca organizers say they are dedicated to supporting independent filmmakers and emerging artists. The art work will be presented to filmmakers during the awards ceremony on April 30.

“The Artist Awards Program demonstrates the importance of artists supporting each other across all mediums,” said Jane Rosenthal, co-founder of the Tribeca Film Festival.

The artwork – consisting of paintings, prints and collages – will be publicly exhibited for the first time at the Chanel Boutique in SoHo from April 16th-29th.  Chanel sponsor’s the artist award program.

Artists contributing their work are some of  the most noted in the industry -- including interdisciplinary artist Kalup Linzi, painter and sculptor Clifford Ross, and painter and illustrator Tom Slaughter.

 “The Tribeca Film Festival is a classic New York City turn-on,"  Ross said. "It’s a vital and exciting brew of film and video from around the world - a launching pad for what will come next."

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