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Toddler Twins in Viral Video Hit the Town in New Mini-NYPD Cruiser, Visit Secret Service at Trump Tower

The twin toddlers who became a viral sensation when they were "ticketed" by NYPD officers while taking their toy car for a spin last month are now cruising all over the Big Apple in a new ride to hang with their buddies in blue. 

Weeks after 2-year-old twins, Aaron and Evan, were pulled over by a police cruiser while operating their pint-sized Range Rover in Washington Heights, the boys are hitting the streets in their brand-new set of custom wheels. 

On Tuesday night, the tots pulled up to Trump Tower in their own tiny NYPD cruiser complete with a bumper sticker reading "Twin Squad." 

The boys got a warm welcome from the NYPD officers stationed there, and Secret Service agents even came out to give them their own agency badges, their father tells News 4. 

Then they headed to Times Square, where they were instantly recognized by tourists, according to their father. 

"The boys loved the attention and waved back at everyone," their dad said. 

Videos posted to Instagram show the boys also meeting cops there. They seemed equally delighted to see the toddlers in the miniature NYPD cruiser. 

The toddlers became a viral sensation when their dad posted videos of their hilarious exchange with officers in Washington Heights in April. In one video, a police cruiser pulls over with lights flashing, and the twins' dad can be heard saying "Uh oh" as the officers approach. One of the officers asks for the kids' license, and the boys fumble with the glove box. The cop then hands them a ticket.

In the next video, one of the boys hands the ticket back. He gives an officer a high-five, while his brother rests his head on the steering wheel. 

"We're stopping traffic over here on St. Nicholas (Avenue)," their dad says on the video. "Only in New York." 

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