There's a Bug-Eating Festival in Brooklyn This Weekend

Bug-lovers, that is people with a taste for bugs, are descending on Brooklyn this weekend for a bug-eating festival featuring edible, six-legged critters from around the world.

Bugs are cooked into gourmet delicacies at the Brooklyn Bugs Festival, which bills itself as a "celebration of edible insects." 

"New York City has been on the vanguard of many cultural movements," the festival's website reads. "As the food capital of the world, it’s time for us to become a hub and leader in the frontier of entomophagy."

Entomophagy is the practice of eating insects. 

At a festival in Brooklyn, the main course crawls on six legs. 

The festival ends on Sunday with a brunch at Bushwick’s Guadalupe Inn.

The chef behind the festival claims there are benefits to eating insects. Besides being a good source of protein, he says swapping out red meat for bugs would reduce humans’ carbon imprint more than giving up cars.

For more on the event, head to the festival's website.

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