New Jersey

Teenager Shot and Killed in Middle of Street in Quiet New Jersey Neighborhood: Police

A man was shot and killed in the middle of the street of a quiet suburban neighborhood in New Jersey, police say.

On Sunday, cops recovered the body of Jose Yampier Diago, 19, of Elizabeth in the street on Gates Terrace in Union.

Police didn’t elaborate on a possible motive to the deadly shooting, but the victim’s uncle said he had been hanging around the wrong crowd.

“He was a great basketball player he loved basketball,” Candido Morales-Diaz said at the scene. “I don’t know what happened and why he got himself into this.”

Morales-Diaz said he is blaming himself for his nephew’s death.

“I feel guilty for what’s happening,” he said as he fought back tears. “I didn’t think I tried hard enough but I have a lot on my plate.”

Neighbors and witnesses say they heard multiple shots, but police are still piecing together clues.

Police have not said whether they have made any arrests or how many suspects they are looking for.

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