Taxi Site Gives Car-Poolers A Fare Chance

In this era of cost cutting and thrifty thinking, everyone is looking to save a buck or two, so we’re hailing this new website.

On you can link up with people going the same general direction as you and share a cab.
The site allows you to search for people in your area who have already picked a route, or to create one yourself. Passengers meet up in predetermined locations designated as safe, such as deli’s diners and coffee shops, so anyone feeling skittish can opt out if their co-rider looks a little off.
“It's very practical. It saves me money, and, of course, it's great at helping the environment. It worked without a hitch,” Haejin Kim, 26, a student who used the service to get back to Prospect Heights from a Lower East Side bar last week, told the New York Post.
The site arranges for people to be dropped off about a block or two from their destination for safety and speed, and prearranges how much each person should pay.
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