Syracuse Pledge in Fraternity Hazing Case May Not Lose Fingers: Police

Police say the condition of a Syracuse University student's frostbitten fingers has improved since he was injured during a cold weather fraternity hazing stunt.

Syracuse police Lt. Eric Carr said Friday that the 20-year-old has blood flow to his fingers and that "he will not lose them at this time." Carr added that the young man will need extensive physical therapy.

Police initially had said the victim was in danger of losing four fingers.

The student suffered frostbite to the ring and pinky fingers on each hand while doing push-ups and other exercises in a Syracuse park last weekend. Officers say he and two other young men were pledging the Nu Alpha Phi fraternity.

Police on Wednesday arrested frat members Tae Kim, 19 and Jeffrey Yam, 21 and charged them with first-degree hazing, a misdemeanor. They were released and will appear in court March 18.

Syracuse University has suspended Nu Alpha Phi, which is described on its website as an Asian-interest fraternity with seven chapters at New York colleges and one in New Jersey.

"The university has zero tolerance for any form of hazing and takes this matter extremely seriously," the school said in a statement.

Police said the two other pledges refused to participate with the investigation. One of the other pledges had swollen hands and blistering, Carr said.

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