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'Thank You for Saving Everyone:' Student Writes Note to Police After NYC Truck Attack

The P.S. 234 student, who signed "Jonah" on the hand-drawn card, wrote, "Thank you for saving everyone."

A student at a New York City school near where a police officer shot and wounded the man accused of ramming a truck down a popular bike path before crashing into a school bus wrote a letter Wednesday thanking officers for their effort.

The P.S. 234 student, who signed "Jonah" on the hand-drawn card, wrote, "Thank you for saving everyone. I saw you guys getting the bad guy. How long is the bad guy going to jail for?" and included drawing of a police car and an officer arresting a man. 

It comes a day after students at P.S. 234 -- which sits about half a block down Chambers Street from where police said 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov slammed into a school bus with a rental truck and ran through traffic with a pellet gun and paintball gun before being shot by NYPD officer Ryan Nash Tuesday afternoon -- were sheltered in the school by terrified teachers and parents. Students at P.S. 89 and Stuyvesant High School were also sheltered in place. 

One student who was aboard the bus, parked in front of P.S. 89 down the street, remains in critical condition Wednesday. Another who was on the bus was examined and sent home from a hospital with no significant injuries.

A driver and an attendant also were on the bus but suffered no serious injuries, police said.

Videos from the scene show the mangled bus as police respond to the crash site. In one video, a passerby shouts, "Oh, my God! Oh, my God. Horror," as firefighters rescuing youngsters from the crumpled bus.

Police said Saipov drove his rented pickup truck nearly a mile down the Hudson River Greenway bike path, mowing down pedestrians and cyclists, before ramming the school bus. Eight people were killed in the attack, and 12 were injured. Saipov faces terrorism charges. 

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