Spitzer Reportedly Hot for Public Service

Former governor thinks voters would overlook sex scandal

Well-known financial columnist Eliot Spitzer, the guy who had sex with hookers while he was governor of New York, is hot for public office once again.

The disgraced love gov recently told friends he thinks "voters will remember my excellent two terms as attorney general," according to Page Six.

Spitzer went on NBC's "TODAY" last week to express remorse, say that his family has forgiven him, and insist that he's dealt with the "gremlins" that led to his secret dalliances with Alexandra Dupre and his outing as the sex-starved Client No. 9.

Spitzer served as the state's top attorney from 1999-2006 before ascending to the governorship in 2007. Spitzer said he thinks current AG Andrew Cuomo will run for governor in 2010, which would leave open the job that earned Spitzer the nickname "the sheriff of Wall Street."

At least one skeptic told Page Six that such a return to the AG's office would be ridiculous.

"It wasn't just the prostitutes -- there was also Troopergate," the source told the Post.

And just to keep things interesting, jailbound Spitzer enabler Cecil Suwal, who helped run the Emperors Club sex circus, is apparently shopping a memoir, Page Six reported. The book would include details about Spitzer's encounters.

Important stuff like frequency, amounts he paid, and perhaps even the dirty stuff that Client No. 9 seemed to like so much.

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