Woman Found With Stolen Snake Wrapped Around Neck After Crash: Police

Authorities say an Albany woman who was allegedly drunk and in possession of marijuana crashed her car into a Long Island firehouse — and had a stolen snake wrapped around her neck.

Nassau County police say Sarah Espinosa was driving west on Jericho Turnpike Monday when her car crossed the median and struck another vehicle.

They say she continued through the front door of the New Hyde Park firehouse and collided with two fire trucks. The station's garage door was badly damaged as were the fire trucks, one of which has to be taken out of service for several months, according to New Hyde Park Fire Chief Steven Waldron.

"We heard a bang and a few seconds later, a louder bang," said Waldron. "We went to the vehicle to render aid and there was a small python sitting on her chest."

Waldron says a medic took the snake as firefighters tended to Espinosa. Authorities said the snake had been stolen from a nearby pet store shortly before the accident. The pet store wouldn't confirm that the snake pictured below is the snake that was stolen, but said it has several ball pythons, including this one.

"Weird, very weird. You don't think someone's going to be driving around with a snake on their chest," he said.

Police say Espinosa appeared to smell like alcohol and had watery eyes and slurred speech after the crash. She was taken to a hospital for treatment and asked to provide a blood sample, which police say she refused to do. She faces charges including reckless endangerment and driving while intoxicated.

A clear bag with a glass pipe inside that appeared to contain marijuana was recovered from a backpack on the front passenger seat of Espinosa's car, police said.

It wasn't immediately clear if she had a lawyer.

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