Six More Arrested in NYC for Possession of Illegal Fireworks Worth $8,000: Officials

Thousands of dollars in contraband fireworks sit next to a sheriff's vehicle.
NYC Sheriff

Officials in New York City recovered $8,000 worth of contraband fireworks over the weekend following the arrests of half a dozen people — it's part of an effort to crackdown on the use of illegal fireworks in the lead-up to July 4.

The city's Fireworks Task Force picked up three people in possession of $3,900 worth of fireworks, the FDNY said Saturday. The three arrested face charges of reckless endangerment and unlawful dealing of fireworks.

The same day, three more people were busted with fireworks worth roughly $4,100, the NYC Sheriff tweeted.

The busts come one week after officials arrested eight people in New York City with fireworks collectively worth another $8,400.

Last summer, the sound of illegal fireworks echoed throughout the five boroughs while the iconic Macy's Fourth of July fireworks show was largely canceled due to the pandemic. Now that the city has got a handle on the COVID-19, the fiery spectacle is set to return.

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