Signal Problems, Test Train Muck Up Morning Commute for Some Subway Riders

The dreaded "signal problems" caused headaches for subway riders again Monday as the "summer of hell" got officially underway. 

Signal problems at Prospect Avenue caused delays on uptown 2 and 5 trains for a time, while signal problems at 50th Street delayed A, C and E trains. Those problems cleared around 6:15 a.m., but delays lingered. 

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Later in the morning, a track test train operating on the express tracks between Jay Street-MetroTech and Inwood-207th Street caused major delays on E and F trains. The MTA tweeted an apology shortly before 11 a.m., saying, "crews are working to restore the lines to good service." 

It's the latest blight in a series of problems, ranging from minor switch issues to a derailment in Manhattan, plaguing the MTA. Tens of thousands of subway riders have been stranded on jam-packed trains and overcrowded platforms in recent months as the 112-year-old system's aging infrastructure buckles under increased ridership. And ridership volume is only expected to rise during the work at Penn.

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