New York

New York's Top Pop-Ups Happening This Weekend

From pizza to Halloween to the Mad Hatter himself...

From a museum dedicated to pizza to an Insta-worthy haunted house, you don’t have to travel far to get out of the busy streets of New York City with three pop-ups this weekend. 

Nightmare Machine

Say goodbye to everything you once thought about haunted houses. Nightmare Machine in Brooklyn puts an end to your opinions of old-school traditional haunted houses and presents a new version without the worry of someone chasing you with a chainsaw. The pop-up was formerly named Dream Machine and recently got a creepy facelift for the month of October. Wade through nine rooms of spooky fun while you pose for the cutest, creepiest pictures. The pop-up is open all through the month of October and costs $38.

The Museum of Pizza

Pizza fanatics, rejoice! Now you can enjoy everything you love about pizza while educating yourself at the same time. Museum goers can expect to be treated to one slice of pizza while marvelling at unique installations throughout the exhibit. Pizza is celebrated in every medium at the new location in Brooklyn.

Mad Hatter 

Ever wanted to go down the rabbit hole with Alice and friends? This pop-up lets you do just that on top of a vintage London double-decker bus in Williamsburg. The Mad Hatter Bus treats guests to a 2-hour experience hosted by the Mad Hatter himself. Guests will be able to make three versions of their own cocktails all inspired by the iconic movie until the end of October.

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