Seasoned Treasure Hunter Reunites Couple With Wedding Ring Lost on CT Beach

Armed with her trusted metal detector, Janice Murray reunited a couple with a wedding ring lost to the sand of a Westport beach

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A couple celebrating their eighth anniversary never thought they would find the bride's wedding ring lost to the sands of a Westport beach.

It was one week ago that lifestyle blogger Julia Dzafic lost her ring at Old Mill Beach after removing it to apply sunscreen. Adding to the pain, the loss of the ring coincided with her eighth wedding anniversary.

"We went out to dinner and we're talking about getting a new [ring] and I was feeling very bummed because of the nostalgia attached to it," Dzafic said.

Dzafic and her husband tried finding the ring themselves, even renting a metal detector and searched the beach for some time. Throughout their efforts, Dzafic documented the saga to her thousands of social media followers. It was one of her Instagram followers that told Dzafic about the Nor'Easters Metal Detecting Club.

The Stamford-based group is made up of hobbyists armed with metal detection equipment, often called out to help find lost relics. In almost no time at all, Janice Murray answered Dzafic's call. She brought her equipment to the beach and quickly got to work.

After a methodical search of the sands, Murray and Dzafic found the missing ring in just 30 minutes.

"All of a sudden she held up this ring in the air with a victory look - and she found it," Dzafic recalled.

Dzafic was overwhelmed when her offers to pay Murray were turned down.

"She said please just donate to any charity of your choice in the name of our group," Dzafic said. "The fact that there are people out there who are doing things just from the kindness of their hear and don't want anything in return."

The Nor'Easters Metal Detecting Club has a long list of other success stories, including found bracelets, lockets, and one wedding band worth $30,000.

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