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Runaway Dog Spotted in Brooklyn, Queens as Owner Desperately Chases After Sightings

"This dog is her whole heart," a friend of the owner's says

A lost dog is traipsing through New York City as his owner desperately chases down leads to find her beloved pup. 

Gwen Wunderlich, who was flying out of New York Friday morning, had left the dog, Cash, in the care of an acquaintance, according to Rebecca Usry, another friend of Wunderlich who is assisting in the search for the dog. 

Cash got loose as he was being walked at around 8 a.m., according to Usry. Police received at least five phone calls reporting the dog was on the walkway of the Brooklyn Bridge, then was seen on the Grand Central Parkway in Queens at around 10:30 a.m.

Usry says animal control was on the case but lost him as well. 

"He's a very distinct looking animal so we know it was him," she said. "He is definitely on a mission." 

Wunderlich, who lives in downtown Brooklyn, was on a plane at LaGuardia Airport headed to Orlando when she got the call that Cash had been lost. She asked to get off the plane to go search for him, and the crew "kindly took the plane back to the gate and let her off," said Usry. 

"This dog is her whole heart, she has raised him since he was a tiny puppy and he has been an integral part in her life," Usry said of Wunderlich. "She has gone through many changes in her life and he has always been her strong and steady companion. He is her child."

Wunderlich is offering a reward if Cash is found; she can be reached at 718-612-3990. 

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