Ramen Challenge: Eat 8 Pounds in 30 Mins at NYC Restaurant and Get it for Free

What if we told you that you could have eight pounds of ramen for free? But there’s a catch: you have to finish all of it by yourself in thirty minutes or less.

At NYC’s TabeTomo you can take that challenge. The menu’s MegaMori Tsukemen is the largest bowl of tsukemen ramen in NYC and comes with an extra-large serving of noodles (five times the regular portion), pork broth for dipping, boiled eggs, and chashu pork slices.

Tsukemen is a unique type of ramen in which the noodles and broth are served in separate bowls. The noodles are eaten after being dipped into the soup.

The dish normally costs $48, but is completely free if you can finish the entire thing. Along with free ramen and ultimate bragging rights, winners will also get a TabeTomo t-shirt and will be featured on the restaurant’s Instagram page.

This challenge isn’t for the faint of heart. Most humans consume only three to five pounds of food a day.

Those who wish to attempt the MegaMori challenge should visit TabeTomo at 131 Avenue A in NYC.

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