Queens Girl, 16, Stabbed in Neck on Brooklyn Street

The family of a Queens girl who died from a stabbing to the neck early Sunday morning were stunned over the death of a teenager they said was bright and loving, and said they had no idea who would hurt the girl.

Kyanna Thomas, 16, was pronounced dead at Interfaith Hospital after being picked up with stab wounds at the corner of Macdougal Street and Saratoga Avenue in Brooklyn at about 3 a.m.

"It's just -- it's the saddest day of my life," the girl's grandfather, Ken Thomas, 76, told NBC New York in front of his Rosedale, Queens, home.

Kyanna Thomas was spending the weekend at her aunt's home in Brooklyn and was last seen in bed at about 11 p.m. Saturday, according to her grandfather. Kyanna then apparently sneaked out of the home.

"The next thing they got a call that she was hurt," said Ken Thomas. "I went to the hospital and she didn't make it."

Ken Thomas said he had no idea who would want to hurt the girl, who he said was "very bright." Kyanna Thomas went to a charter school in Brooklyn, and wanted to become a veterinarian.

Kyanna Thomas's mother is a Department of Corrections captain and her father, a former corrections officer, now works for the MTA. Though separated, the couple remained close: Last summer, the two took Kyanna Thomas and her 13-year-old brother Kyle on a cruise, Ken Thomas said.

The boy was "broken up" over his sister's death, Ken Thomas said.

The grandfather said he felt "a combination of grief and anger."

"Whoever did this, their worst dream is to end up in a jail where [Kyanna's] mother is captain," Ken Thomas said.

A friend of Kyanna Thomas said he was shocked to hear of her death.

"I was walking up the block getting ready to play basketball, and all of a sudden I hear my good friend is dead," said 16-year-old Jordan Buddoo, who went to school with Kyanna from pre-kindergarten through fourth grade. "I just saw her, and all of a sudden, she's dead."

"She was a beautiful young girl," Buddoo said.

Police said the investigation is continuing.

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