Queens Man Jailed for Using Emergency Subway Exit

You might want to think twice before barreling through the emergency exit of a subway station.

A Queens man claims he spent 28 hours in jail after police arrested him for using an emergency exit instead of a turnstile at a Brooklyn subway station.

Todd Zielinski, 32, was arrested on Feb. 19 after opening the emergency door and setting of an alarm, instead of using the turnstile to exit the L train in Brooklyn, according to the New York Post.

"I was like: 'Please, you can't arrest me for this,'" Zielinski told the Post. "I couldn't believe it; I was stunned and shocked."

Zielinski said he was put in a jail cell and held for 28 hours after being cited for interfering with NYC Transit equipment.

"They could have just given me a ticket; they had to take my freedom away from me?"  Zielinski said.

Zielinski, a Verizon technition, said he had to phone his boss to take a day off from work because of his jail stay.

"He went through a door he wasn't supposed to," a police spokesman told the Post.

Door alarms are designed to alert station agents to emergencies, and it is a problem when passengers needlessly trigger them, NYC Transit spokesman Charles Seaton said

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