New York Offers Zika Tests to Pregnant Women Travelers

Pregnant women in New York who have recently traveled to countries impacted by the Zika virus can now get free tests for the infection.

The state Department of Health issued an advisory about the free testing to health care providers around the state on Thursday.

Authorities had already announced free testing for anyone exhibiting signs of the virus. So far, 11 New Yorkers have tested positive for Zika.

All had traveled to Brazil and other places where mosquito bites have been linked to the infection and an increase in the number of children born with a congenital brain and skull condition.

Symptoms are usually mild, can include a rash, fever, joint pain, or conjunctivitis and appear a few days after a bite by an infected mosquito.

Last Week, New York City health officials announced that one pregnant woman contracted Zika after traveling to a country stricken with the virus.

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